If You Read One Article about LED Bulbs, Read This One

So you’ve finally been convinced to swap out your incandescent bulbs and while you might have a soft spot for the CFLs, you’ve probably noticed there’s been a new featured product in the light bulb aisle and its range of products is quickly starting to outpace its traditional counterparts.

You may find the news confusing if you haven’t kept track of the progression of LED technology but it’s good news for you and for the rest of us. The day of the incandescent light bulb has long gone but the old filament bulbs have paved the way for innovative lighting solutions that actually put money back in your pocket.

Why Should You Pay More For Your Light Bulbs?

You have seen LEDs, you know they’re energy efficient and eco-friendly but LEDs are more expensive right? Well here is where it actually pays you to do a little homework because while you might need more money for the initial investment you can look forward to a decrease in your electricity bill.

In the winter months when your energy costs increase because of heating, those savings can make an even bigger difference at the end of the season.

LEDs can help you to save up to 90% more in your electricity usage because they consume less energy and 80% of the energy they do consume is expelled as light rather than heat unlike incandescent bulbs. Their designed to generate light instead of heat so they don’t get near as hot and they do a much more effective job at dispersing this heat. Their thermal management is one of the major reasons for their commercial success.

As LEDs become more popular, greater quantities can be manufactured and companies can invest more into the technology. Over the long term this will help reduce the overall cost to retailers and consumers.

LED Lights Require Zero Maintenance

When you install LED fixtures you can reclaim your Saturday mornings and expect your home maintenance needs to go down as well. While you might have to change your other bulbs once every few months, the LED’s 30,000 to 50,000 hour lifespan means you’ll change your LED bulbs less often which means you’ll pay less for replacement and maintenance. Depending on how long you run your lights during the typical day, your LEDs can last from 10 to 30 years.

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You Can Use LEDs Anywhere

Whether it’s a home, garden or driveway, commercial or office space, you can find a myriad of LED fixtures and bulbs for your needs. There are as many varieties as you can imagine, and now there are no applications an LED light bulb cannot fulfil.

You Can Still Dim Your Lights

You don’t have to compromise on the quality of your lights with LEDs. You can look forward to an instant switch-on and no buzzing or flickering. If you are used to dimmable lights you can have that too. If your dimmers are really old, you may need to update the switches but with dimmable LEDs and easy to install dimmer components you can have a much better and controllable lighting option.

Speaking of quality of life, you’ll be pleased to know you can manage your LEDs through your smartphone with a simple Wi-Fi connection. If you are coming home late or away on holiday and you want to illuminate your home for security reasons you can do it with the flick of a switch.

You can make your choice from three different light colours: cool, warm or daylight, as you would with any traditional bulb on the market. You can match your lighting to your colour and décor schemes and achieve a comfortable effect with ambient and task lighting.

More Efficient Lighting

As well as being energy efficient, LEDs also have efficient applications. Because LEDs are directional you can cast light in a very specific area. This is perfect for the parts of the home where you want to combine function and aesthetic.

What about those kitchen shelves you struggle to access after dark? Install a row of down lights so you can stop knocking glasses over. That dark entrance that makes you nervous when the sun has gone down? A pathway of LED lights will do the trick cost-effectively. Do you have an outdoor shed or workshop where you need good lighting for safety reasons? You can get LEDs in tube form, and achieve a much safer working environment, while also saving on your electricity bill.

Understanding The Bigger Picture

To date, our way of using power and devices has been excessive. Discarding a bulb after a few months because it no longer works means more waste in landfills. In the case of halogen bulbs, it also means releasing toxic materials into the environment.

Using LEDs gives us the chance to significantly reduce our carbon emissions; the more people who adopt LED bulbs, the greater the savings we can experience as a collective and really do something for the future of the planet.

Because there’s a greater public understanding of LED technology most of the reputable companies are offering warranties and guarantees on their best products. This provides you, the consumer, protection in the event you have an after-sales query.

Buying Your LEDs Online

Before you purchase LEDs, you should consider doing a little research on the types of bulbs and fixtures available to meet your particular needs. You’ll find the best support and a wealth of information through online LED retailers. Specialist companies selling LED bulbs are more than happy to give their customers advice on the best LED replacements. They can also use pictures of your old fittings to help you determine the best replacement for your traditional lighting.

When you shop online you can compare prices without having to visit different shops. In a few clicks you can do a price and product comparison to find the most effective replacements for your home.