Stop Drowning: Choose the BEST GU10 LED Bulb!

Comparison Review

With large LED suppliers feeling the shock of fewer customers and rising labour and business costs, more and more companies are taking their products to online buyers who’re already drowning in a sea of choices.

Thankfully, LightRabbit, with the incomparable aide of their highly acclaimed Lightwell GU10 LED line, is here to help rescue them from almost certain death at the hands of low quality LEDs and poor customer service.

Because there are so many choices in home and commercial LED lighting, it’s important to see the differences so you can make a decision based on fact not flashy advertising and annoying email blasts.

Does Diall Get the Job Done?

The Diall brand GU10 5W LED Spotlight is available through B&Q online and in stores. This bulb is 5W but it’s only equivalent to a 35W halogen, which is low compared to its competitors.

Here is the breakdown of basic product information:

Lumens: 250 lms

Life: 2.5 years when left on 24/7 (25,000 hours)

Features: Dimmable, warm white, exterior spotlight

Beam Angle: 35 degrees

Guarantee: 1 year

Cost: £9 (reduced to £6 for a sale)

Overall, the Diall GU10 LED bulb is a low quality bulb with poor reviews and even poorer benefits. Yes, the price is low, but when you’re investing in LED lighting for your home or business, you want to know your bulbs will outlast the food in the break room fridge.

Is TCP Worth the Money?

TCP LEDs is a name synonymous with Homebase and its retail and online DIY store. Homebase, like its competitor, B&Q, is a big box store offering any number of LEDs for a reasonable price. Problem is, unless you do a little research, you might end up buying a GU10 LED worth less than the package it’s sold in.

Here are the basic product specifications for the TCP Spotlight GU10 Bulb 5w:

Wattage: 50 watts

Lumens: 330 lms

Life: 2.5 years when left on 24/7 (25,000 hours)

Features: Dimmable, warm white, spotlight

Beam Angle: N/A

Guarantee: N/A

Cost: £9.99


Overall, this Homebase GU10 LED bulb might give off more light than the B&Q bulb but the quality might not be worth the £1 price difference.

What does Lightwell Offer?

Lightwell is the flagship LED brand of LightRabbit is the #1 online LED provider in the UK and Ireland. Their Lightwell LUX GU10 4W LED is one of their most popular LED bulbs – and here’s why!

Here are the product specifications for the Lightwell GU10 LUX:

Wattage: 40 watts

Lumens: 365 lms

Life: 5.5 years when left on 24/7 (50,000 hours)

Features: Dimmable, warm & cool white, spotlight, downlight, or recessed

Beam Angle: 60 degrees

Guarantee: 5 YEARS

Cost: £4.99


Overall, the Lightwell LUX GU10 LED bulb has the best features, best specs, best price, and longest guarantee of any competitors’ equivalent GU10 LED bulb. Still can’t decide which bulb to choose? Click the tab and read the Lightwell LUX GU10 LED customer reviews!

If you’d like to learn more about the Lightwell GU10 LED line of bulbs available at, visit the site and take a look around.